Cellulite is a term used to describe the build up of fat, fluids and toxins that have been trapped deep in the skin creating an ‘orange peel’ appearance. But contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not related to obesity. It can occur in larger, normal, and slim women. Thankfully, there are effective treatments that can help towards the draining away of these toxins, diminishing the cellulite and thus effectively restoring the skin to normal.

Fake Bake teamed up with innovative French company, Sederma to come up with Lipo Bronze, a self tanning treatment with added cellulite fighting ingredients. Fake Bake added Sederma’s Lipocare which helps accelerate the lipid release from fatty storage and diminishes the appearance of the ‘orange peel’ skin. They also added Sederma’s Rigin to firm and improve elasticity. Add to that their signature triple tanning agents and Lipo Bronze was born! A first ever self tanning treatment designed to help combat cellulite, the bane of many a woman’s life!

Application is simplicity itself. Lipo Bronze contains a cosmetic guide so it ‘shows where it goes’ and gives you an instant golden tan whilst going on to develop a long, lasting natural sunless tan thanks to three tanning agents.

Fake Bake Lipo Bronze Self-Tan


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