Xen-Tan Body Scrub is the perfect way to make skin look and feel even more fabulous, before, during and after a self-tan.

This gentle exfoliant is designed to successfully prepare your skin and help your beautiful tan last even longer. Body Scrub’s light, granular texture rejuvenates skin, leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and perfectly prepared for tanning. It won’t leave an oily film or residue on the skin, allowing any fake tan you apply afterwards to develop evenly. And because it doesn’t strip your skin, your tan, and is completely colour-safe, you can use it in between tanning to keep your skin feeling lovely. A little really does go a long way, so it’s a great value choice too.

Use in the shower for gentle exfoliation. Prepares skin for sunless tanning. Removes flaky surface cells for smoother skin on face and body.

Xen-Tan Body Scrub 236ml

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