Light, medium or dark – the choice is yours. Unique formulas blend together to deliver a tan as light or as dark as you like and the shimmer bronzer adds a light sheen to enhance the contours of the skin.

Perfect for fake tan beginners and experienced self-tanners, you can now create your own tan as light or as dark as you like and still have confidence in knowing your colour is customised to match your unique skin tone. Perfect Blend also has a quick dry formulation and contains a deodoriser that locks out self-tan odour, providing a delicious fresh fragrance. The secret to this state of the art technology is the dual chamber that holds two separate tan perfecting formulas designed to work together – self-tan on one side and instant bronzer on the other – simply twist the dial to deliver your streak-free instant tan.

Twist dial to blend self-tan and instant bronzer in any combination you like each time you tan.

Xen-Tan Perfect Blend, 220ml

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